Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zucchini Smackdown Winners!

What a great turnout for the Seville Farm Market's 2010 Zucchini Smackdown!

This year we had 15 zucchini creations vying for Best Savory Dish and Best Sweet Dish in our annual cooking contest held on Aug. 21. In 2009, we had eight entries. So, like zucchinis themselves, the Smackdown just keeps on growing!

Speaking of which, the winner of this year's Largest Zucchini Contest was Carole Lintner who hauled in a 10-pounder.

Our distinguished panel of judges for the cooking contest included Seville resident Norma Detwiler, Seville Presbyterian Church Pastor John Bassman, and Seville Mayor Carol Carter. They had a difficult job and we're grateful to them for sharing part of their Saturday morning with us.

And the winners are ...

Best Sweet Dish

First Place:
Zucchini Torte by Shirley Ware

Second Place:
Aunt Lucille's Zucchini Bread by Carole Lintner

Third Place:
Zucchini Bread by Carolyn Keiper

Best Savory Dish

First Place:
Zucchini Chive Whole Wheat Bread by Karen Lucas

Second Place:
Zucchini "Crab" Cakes by Sandy Bridenthal

Third Place:
Stuffed Zucchini by Jessica Brantner

For a slide show with photos from the Seville Farm Market 2010 Zucchini Smackdown, be sure to visit Medina County Life. The site's publisher is none other than Shirley Ware, whose Zucchini Torte won top honors for Best Sweet Dish. There, you can find the recipe and read Shirley's funny column about making the cake -- which was more "I Love Lucy" than Martha Stewart.

We'll be posting all the recipes from this year's Smackdown over the next few days. So keep watching ... and don't stick all your surplus zucchini in your neighbor's unlocked car just yet. Save some to try these great new recipes.

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